Level 4 Press, Inc. is a small press with approximately 35 titles currently in
print, and several new titles coming out during 2009.  Our focus is on high
quality writing in general, and we have a particular interest in poetry.  
Roughly 75% of our titles are poetry related.  Our titles have already
garnered 9 gold medals and 28 finalist awards in various literary contests.  
William Roetzheim founded Level 4 Press, Inc. in 2006
Level 4 Press accepts submissions
of individual poems for any of our
planned anthologies.  We publish
collected editions for poets who
have a minimum of two previously
published books of poetry and a
substantial body of work.  With the
possible exception of work by
celebrities or by poets included in
our anthologies, we do not publish
first works of poetry.

Prior publication is OK as long as
you own the rights to the poems.  We
acquire non-exclusive world rights in
English, all media.  For anthologies,
we pay 1 copy per accepted poem.

Work may be submitted via email or
US Postal Service.  Work is not
returned.  Our address is 13518
Jamul Drive, Jamul, CA  91935.
Submission Guidelines
Level 4 Press was founded by William
Roetzheim, who still acts as the editor
for all Level 4 Press books.  William
Roetzheim is the author of seventeen
published books, over 100 articles,
three columns, and fifteen spoken
word audio CDs (Producer and
Director).  He is a member of the
Dramatists Guild of America.  To learn
more about William Roetzheim,
click here.